Have You Checked Your Spark Plugs Recently?

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Without spark plugs, you can’t start your car. They light the fuel mixture that powers the engine, which is pretty important. However, they can wear down and get dirty over time. That means it will take more tries for the fuel mixture to ignite, using more fuel and decreasing engine performance. Replacing your spark plugs before they start to affect your engine performance will help you avoid expensive repairs to your car. But when you do need car repairs in Manchester, come to Redman’s for great service!


Here’s how you know that you need to replace your spark plugs.


Recommended Maintenance Schedule

The first thing to look at is your car’s recommended maintenance schedule. Depending on the age, make, and model of your car, the manufacturer’s recommendation can be anywhere from 30,000 to 100,00 miles. It also depends on the kind of spark plugs your car uses. Your mechanic will know the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, and that information will also be in your owner’s manual. However, there are some signs that let you know you need new spark plugs.


Shaky or Rough Idle

Your car always vibrates a bit when it’s idling, but if you can really feel it shaking, that’s a common sign that you need new spark plugs. A rough idle indicates that the spark plugs aren’t firing properly. If the spark plugs aren’t firing properly, starting your car will also be more difficult, especially when it’s cold. Worn or dirty spark plugs can’t provide enough spark to ignite the fuel mixture.


Poor Engine Performance

Worn-out spark plugs will also decrease your fuel efficiency or cause your engine to lose power while driving. When there isn’t enough spark to ignore the fuel mixture, that leads to incomplete combustion and poor engine performance. You’ll notice a world of difference in your car’s performance after you replace the spark plugs.


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When you need reliable car repairs in Manchester, come to Redman’s Automotive! We can perform basic and routine maintenance, like changing your oil or replacing the spark plugs, as well as more extensive repairs, like rebuilding your exhaust system.


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