3 Reasons to Get a Custom Exhaust System

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Custom exhaust systems aren’t just for people who want to make a lot of noise as they drive around. Although aesthetics (both aural and visual) motivate many exhaust customizations, there are practical reasons to customize your exhaust system as well. At Redman’s Muffler & Automotive, we can customize your exhaust system so you can get the performance you want out of your vehicle.


Here are three of the practical benefits of a custom exhaust system.


Get better engine performance.

Your engine’s performance is closely connected to your exhaust system. The horsepower and torque of your engine depend on the diameter of the exhaust pipes. Most factory-made and aftermarket use a “crush bend” process to shape the exhaust pipes. The process results in a smaller diameter in the bent sections of the exhaust pipe, which slows down the exhaust gases as they move through the pipe. Customized exhaust pipes use “mandrel bends,” which results in a consistent diameter throughout the exhaust pipes.


Use higher-quality materials.

To save money, automakers often use mild steel that is of medium strength and quality. Customized or aftermarket exhaust systems usually use aluminized or stainless steel. These higher-quality materials are more durable and will last longer before deteriorating and causing exhaust leaks. It won’t eliminate the possibility of exhaust leaks because all metal corrodes in time. However, it will last much longer than factory-made exhaust systems.


Improve fuel efficiency.

We want to save money on gas these days, and a custom exhaust system can actually help improve your car’s fuel efficiency. A customized exhaust system can be more efficient than a factory-made system. And a more efficient exhaust system leads to a more efficient engine, which uses less fuel. With a customized exhaust system, you can power and fuel consumption to get the exact performance you want from your car.


custom exhaust near me

Get a Custom Exhaust System from Redman’s

Our team of technicians and mechanics and Redman’s Muffler & Automotive is ready to help you get the performance you want out of your car. With a custom exhaust system, you can improve the efficiency of your car and have the ride you want.


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