Brake Repair: A Look Back at the History of ABS

brake repair

Today, you can’t find a car without an anti-lock brake system (ABS), but not that long ago, it was a new and exciting technology. Many of us who learned to drive in cars manufactured before the 2000s remember having to pump the brakes when stopping quickly on a slippery surface like ice or snow. Now that nearly all cars on the road have ABS, the way we drive in dangerous conditions has changed, as well as the way mechanics handle brake repair.


Let’s take a look back at the history of anti-lock brakes and how they have changed both winter driving and brake repair needs.


Early Concepts and Experimental Systems

Engineers first had the idea of a system that would prevent wheel lockup to maintain steering control back in the 1920s. Cars had only been around for a few decades at this point, so brakes locking up has been a problem from the beginning. Although they first had the idea in the 1920s, it wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s that automotive companies started experimenting with and building these systems.


Modern Development and Commercial Introduction

In the mid-1960s, the development of modern anti-lock brake technology really took off. In 1966, American automotive engineer David B. Breed patented an early form of ABS. Once Breed and other engineers successfully developed anti-lock braking systems, ABS started to become commercially available in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Mercedez-Benz offered ABS as an option on their high-end models in 1978, and other manufacturers soon followed suit.


Standardization and Global Adoption

Anti-lock technology continued to become more sophisticated and reliable through the 1980s, and by the early 1990s, ABS was a standard feature in many new vehicles. In the following decade, the technology became increasingly common. By the 2000s, ABS was a mandated safety feature in many regions because of its proven ability to prevent accidents and improve vehicle control while braking.


ABS and Brake Repair at Redman’s

At Redman’s Automotive, keeping you safe on the road is our top priority. With ABS being a standard feature in most cars we work on, it has changed the way we approach brake repair. When we inspect your brakes, we don’t just look at your pads, rotors, and calipers. We also take the time to ensure your anti-lock brakes are working properly so you can come to a stop when you need to, especially when the road is slick.


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