Winter Brake Repair: Is This Normal?

brake repair

It is definitely winter here in New England, and as we all know, winter weather changes the way we drive. Ice and snow affect the road conditions and the various parts and systems of your car. One of the most important systems to keep in good repair during the winter is your brakes. But sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you need brake repair or what’s going on with your brakes is normal for the winter. Luckily, the team at Redman’s Muffler & Automotive is here to help.


Let’s take a look at common winter brake issues and sort out what’s normal and what requires brake repair.


Icy Brakes

It’s winter. There’s ice everywhere, including on your brakes. As you drive around during the day, water from the snow and slush on the road splashes around and gets in your brake pads and rotors. There’s not really anything to be done about wet roads, and the water itself is not a problem. The problem comes when your wet brakes sit out below-freezing temperatures for a while, like when you park outside overnight. When you start up the car again and the ice begins to melt, you might hear grinding or squealing noises coming from the brakes. As the ice continues to melt, the noises should go away.


Rusty Rotors

Wet metal soon becomes rusty metal, even in the winter. When your brakes, especially the rotors, get wet, a layer of rust can build up overnight as the water evaporates and the metal oxidizes. As you drive around and use your brakes, the rust usually wears off. The best way to prevent rusty rotors is to park in a dry place overnight if you can.


Engaging the ABS

Slippery and icy roads mean that winter is the season for anti-lock brake systems. If you’ve never experienced your ABS kicking in, it can be startling the first time it happens. You might hear a grinding or buzzing noise, and you’ll also feel the ABS pulsing through the brake pedal. That’s supposed to happen. Just keep your food on the brake and continue to steer until your car comes to a stop.


brake repair

Brake Repair and Auto Services from Redman’s

Even though what’s normal for your brakes changes somewhat in the winter, you should always get your car checked out if you’re not sure. If you need brake repair or any other auto maintenance in Manchester, bring your car to Redman’s! Our technicians will diagnose the problem and get you back on the road.


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