Tire Repair Manchester: Summer Weather and Your Tires

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In New England, we talk a lot about how the winter weather affects your tires. But it’s not just the winter weather that can require tire repair in Manchester. Summer heat can also have an effect on your tires and how your car handles on the road. At Redmans Automotive, we take every measure to keep your car on the road where it belongs. To that end, we want our customers to know how their tires react to summer heat.


Here’s how summer weather affects your tires and how your car handles on the road.


Extreme heat can increase tire pressure.

Air expands when it’s hot, and that includes the air inside your tires. When that happens, your tire pressure increases. If your tires are over-inflated, they wear unevenly and have less traction. Decreased traction reduces your vehicle’s handling capabilities when you’re on the road. When there is a period of high temperatures, you should check your tire pressure to ensure it is still within the recommended range and adjust it if necessary.


Rubber breaks down in the heat.

Have you ever seen an old tire that’s been left out in the sun for a while? You’ll notice that the rubber is cracked and worn, even though it’s just been sitting there. That’s because UV radiation from the sun degrades the rubber. This will affect the performance of your car. You will have less traction on the road, which increases braking distances. And your tires aren’t the only thing affected by the heat. Hot pavement increases rolling resistance, which decreases your fuel efficiency.


Worn tires are prone to blowouts.

Degraded rubber leads to tread wear, which makes your car less safe on the road and increases your risk of a blowout. Blowouts usually occur at spots on your tires that are worn or have especially low tread depth. During the summer, you should regularly inspect your tires and look for worn spots or areas with low tread depth.


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No matter what your summer plans are, driving will most likely be part of them. If you need tire repair in Manchester, our team at Redman’s Automotive has you covered. We’ll match your car and driving habits to the perfect tires.


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