Signs That You Need an Alignment in Manchester NH

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Oftentimes, people miss the signs when it comes to alignments. Part of knowing when it is time to come into the shop for an alignment is being educated on the topic. Here at Redman’s Muffler and Automotive, we are here to answer all of your questions and make sure your vehicle is operating at peak performance! We will give you a quick, effective alignment so next time you need one, consider making us your Manchester alignment shop of choice! Here are a few signs that could indicate that you require an alignment!  


Is your Steering Wheeling Pulling to One Side? 

Ideally, your vehicle should drive straight if you were to take your hands off the wheel. However, that isn’t realistic. More often than not, the roads you drive on are not perfectly level or straight. Therefore your wheel, even if you have just had an alignment, will drift slightly to one side. If you see a drastic pull however that is cause for concern. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to feel like you are pulling on the wheel to get it to go in the direction you want. If that is the case then you need an alignment.



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Take Note of Your Tire Wear

Your tire wear can tell you a lot about your vehicle. Be intentional about noticing how your tires wear down because it could be an indicator of something larger. If the edges, either the inside or outside of your tires are wearing at drastically different rates, then it’s time to bring it in for an alignment. Your auto shop should identify this type of uneven wear during a tire rotation or an inspection so make sure to take note when you receive those services as well.


Your Wheel Shouldn’t be Shaking 

Although your wheels may tend to shake from time to time especially when you reach certain speeds on the highway. While uneven roads can be a cause, excessive shaking isn’t a good sign. This could mean that your car needs an alignment. You should have your car checked out at Redman’s Automotive to have it checked out, as shaky wheels can be an indicator of more serious issues as well! 


Crooked Steering Wheel

Ideally, when you are driving straight down a flat road, your steering wheel should be straight. Oftentimes, the wheel won’t be perfectly spot on to the degree, which is nothing to fret over. However, if your steering wheel is drastically crooked it could mean it’s time to get it checked out. When you are driving just make sure you make note if this is the case so that you know to get an alignment. 


Visit Your Local Manchester Alignment Shop

Our team of professionals Redman’s Muffler and Automotive is here to not only help you to know the warning signs but to get the issues fixed efficiently. The next time you notice one of the signs above, consider making us your go-to Manchester alignment shop! We will make sure to check out your vehicle right away so that we can get you back on the road as quickly as possible! 


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