Keep Your Car Toasty Warm This Winter

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Driving on days when it’s bitterly cold is a fact of life in New England. As much as we’d prefer to stay in the house where it’s warm on the coldest days, sometimes that’s just not an option. On those very cold days when you have to get in your car, you want to know that your heater will work and keep you warm while you drive. Before you take your car to your Manchester, NH, mechanic to get your heater tuned up, take these tips to improve the performance of your car’s heater.

Get more from your car’s heater with these tips from your mechanic in Manchester, NH.


Don’t let your car idle.

Conventional wisdom says that letting your car warm up means that your heater will be ready when you get in the car. But actually, the opposite is true. The sooner you start driving, the sooner your engine starts working and effectively producing heat. The first few minutes of your drive might be uncomfortable, but your heat will actually kick in faster.


Start at the lowest fan speed.

This is another one that goes against the conventional wisdom. When you get into your freezing car, the first thing you want to do is blast the heat. But if you turn the fan up to the highest speed right away, all you will do is blow more cold air in your face. Turning the fan speed up doesn’t make the heater work any harder.


Try using the A/C.

We know it sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out. The way your car A/C works is by cooling the air to just above freezing and then reheating it to remove moisture from the air so it doesn’t fog up your windows. By engaging the A/C, your car will actually heat up faster. You can also turn off recirculation mode. Recirculation mode moves around the moist air inside your car, causing your windows to fog up.


Get your car ready for winter with your Manchester, NH, mechanic.

There’s no way to avoid some chilly drives during the NH winter, but you’ll be grateful to have an efficient heater. If you need maintenance or repairs for your car this winter, Redman’s Muffler & Automotive is the mechanic in Manchester, NH, to visit.


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