Manchester Mechanic: Get Your Cooling System Ready for Summer

Warm weather is finally approaching, making it the perfect time to ensure your vehicle is ready for summer. One essential aspect of car maintenance when it comes to preparing for warmer weather is your cooling system. This month, your trusted Manchester mechanic at Redman’s is here to provide you with a checklist to ensure your cooling system has an optimal performance this spring and summer season!

Check Your Coolant Level

Before you do anything else, you should check your coolant level. Coolant is essential for maintaining the proper operating temperature of your engine. When your engine overheats, it can cause damage that can be expensive to repair. If your coolant level is low, you should fill it up to the recommended level.

Inspect Your Hoses

The hoses that carry coolant through your engine are under a lot of stress, especially during extreme temperature changes. Over time, they can crack, split or become brittle. Check your hoses for signs of wear and tear, and if you notice any damage, replace them immediately.

Check Your Radiator

Your radiator is responsible for dissipating the heat that’s generated by your engine. Over time, it can become clogged with debris or corrosion. Check your radiator for any signs of damage or leaks. You can also use a radiator cleaning solution to help flush out debris that might be clogging the radiator.

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Inspect Your Water Pump

The water pump is responsible for circulating the coolant throughout your engine. Over time, the bearings can wear out, causing leaks or other problems. If you notice any leaks or unusual sounds coming from your water pump, then it may need to be replaced.

Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the flow of coolant through your engine. If it fails, your engine can overheat or not reach the proper operating temperature. Check your thermostat for signs of wear or damage, and if it needs to be replaced, do so immediately.

Flush Your Cooling System

Over time, debris and contaminants can accumulate in your cooling system, reducing its effectiveness. Flushing your cooling system can help remove any buildup and improve its performance. You can also use a flushing solution to help clear out any debris or contaminants.


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By following the steps on this checklist, you can ensure that your engine stays cool and operates at peak performance. If you need assistance with your cooling systems such as repairs or other services, we encourage you to visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and getting you back on the road!

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