How Diagnostics Improve Auto Repair

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Computers are becoming increasingly integral to cars, and that comes with both advantages and drawbacks for auto repair. Mechanics do need better knowledge of computers and electronics than they used to, but computers do make some repairs easier. When you bring your car to Redman’s Automotive for repairs, we always start by running diagnostics to help us determine what the problem is. This first step helps up narrow down the issue and repair your car faster.


Diagnostics assist mechanics with auto repair in three ways. Let’s take a look at each area of repair.


Identifying the Problem

Modern cars have lots of sensors and electronic control units (ECUs) that monitor the performance of your vehicle. These sensors deliver data about engine performance, emissions, braking, and more to the onboard diagnostics system (OBD). Our diagnostic tools read the error codes the OBD generates whenever something goes wrong in your car. These codes help us identify the problem with your vehicle and eliminate multiple possibilities.


Pinpointing the Cause

Once we know what the problem is, we have to know what is causing it. Every system in your car has several components that could be worn, broken, or malfunctioning. After identifying the problem, we can run more diagnostic tests to narrow down the cause to the precise component that we need to repair or replace.


Preventative Maintenance

Diagnostics can help us to more than repair problems. They also assist with preventative maintenance. By regularly scanning your car’s systems for potential issues or warning signs, we can resolve problems you didn’t even know you had. Often, you can’t tell that a component is wearing out until it affects how your vehicle handles or makes an unusual noise. By running diagnostics regularly, we can stay on top of minor issues and prevent them from becoming serious problems. With many people gearing up to take summer road trips, diagnostics can help determine if your car is ready for a long drive.


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