3 Signs You Need a Muffler Repair

muffler repair

How often do you think about your muffler? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give any thought to mufflers in general unless an extra-loud car passes you on the road. But your muffler does a lot more than just muffle noise. And if you notice any signs that you might need muffler repair, it’s important to deal with it quickly. The muffler is an essential part of your car’s exhaust system that keeps your car running smoothly and keeps it safe to drive. At Redman’s Muffler & Automotive, we know the importance of keeping your car on the road for as long as possible, which means fixing small problems now before they become big ones.

Here are three signs that your car needs a muffler repair.


Your engine is louder than it should be.

This is the one that everybody knows. If the gentle purr of your engine is now a persistent roar, there is something wrong with your muffler. A change like that in the sound of your engine is usually caused by a hole in the muffler. Hitting bumps too hard can damage your muffler, though sometimes holes are the result of age and rust. Dealing with the problem sooner rather than later usually means a lower repair cost. The bigger the hole, the higher the repair cost.


You can smell exhaust inside the car.

One of the functions of the muffler is to push dangerous fumes and exhaust away from the vehicle. If you can smell exhaust while idling at a stoplight or while you’re driving along, that’s a sign your muffler is damaged. If you can smell exhaust you should take your car in for a muffler repair as soon as possible. A faulty muffler isn’t just bad for the performance of your car. It is also dangerous to breathe in exhaust fumes.


Your car is getting worse gas mileage.

Everyone is keeping a close eye on their gas mileage these days, and you want to do anything you can to use less fuel. Damage to your muffler means that your car will run less efficiently, which means more fuel consumption. If you notice that your MPG has suddenly gone down, your muffler could be the culprit. Take your car to a trusted mechanic to have it checked out.

muffler repair

Muffler Repair from Redman’s Muffler & Automotive

Car repairs are often a pain, but they don’t have to be if you bring your car to Redman’s Muffler & Automotive. Our team of experienced mechanics is ready to fix any problems your car can throw at you, whether you need a muffler repair or just some routine maintenance.


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